Monday, May 19, 2008

May 19 - Coastal Roasters

I'll be there ABOUT 7:30.  Setting up outside in the sitting area, or a little ways up the street.  This is a win/win situation even if the painting is not coming out the way I want it - coffee, sunshine, a bathroom, a view in every direction.....  come ON! :)  Hope to see you there...


Debbie Miller said...

dang I TOTALLY forgot!!! and wanted to paint there this am!! and Ive got a car! oh well. I painted like crap today anyway but it would have been nice to have coffee with someone AND have a change of scenery. ok NEXT week.
(loving the bathroom proximity btw :)
(wish you could see the word verification I now have to decifer - yikes)

Debbie Miller said...

hey Kelley are you really up at 4am or is there something wrong with your clock?