Sunday, April 13, 2008

Second Monday - Not For Wimps Either! Grinnell's Beach

Hi everyone (all 6 or so of you!).  Tomorrow morning is predicted to be just as cold, if not COLDER to start as last week - BUT.... warming up as the morning goes on.  SO.  Here's my spot - Grinell's Beach - I think everyone knows where it is... right at the Getty Station on Main Road in Tiverton - I'm doing this because it's #1 kind of public, in case I'm alone again it's more comfortable for me plus #2 it's close to COASTAL ROASTERS for a warm up coffee (and a restroom).  Plus there's plenty of parking.  Now if it's actually raining I won't be there.  This should be the end of the cold damp mornings - HA, Right!  This being New England, and on the water at that, we've got at least 6 more weeks of potential 'iffy' weather!  

But don't let a little cold or wind deter you!  Long sleeved T shirt, fleece, vest, and coat, plus a neck warmer and hat plus 2 pair of glove - you'll hardly feel a thing!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I just watched the Red Sox win against the Yankees in freezing colf Fenway Park.
You are intrepid!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Intrepid, indeed! And then later in the week, when it was absolutely GORGEOUS I couldn't MAKE myself leave the studio! No kidding - 69 degrees and no wind - I'll post some new stuff soon on my studio blog!